Our Top 3 Surf Spots on Rote Island

In search of the perfect wave, the perfect destination and consequently the perfect surf trip? Look no further than Rote Island. Southern Indonesia’s most hidden surf secret, where the dream wave does most definitely exist. The island boasts a number of EPIC surf spots including some where you really will be the only man or […]

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3 Ways to Get Fit at Seed Resort during Your Stay

You’ve escaped to Seed Resort, Rote Island for the ultimate barefoot luxury experience. Kick back and unwind whilst soaking up the panoramic views across the Indian Ocean and Timor Sea. You are here to indulge in nature, sunsets and remote island living. But why not add an element of wellness to your trip; mind, body […]

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4 Things you have to know before visiting Rote

Prepare the best so that you can enjoy the best out of this remote island. 1. Where is Rote Island located? Rote Island is located in West Timur, Indonesia and is the closest island to Australia; 500 km northeast of Western Australia. To the west side of Rote you will find Savu and Sumba island. […]

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5 Things you should do when visiting Rote

Drone shot seed resort

If you haven’t pinned the southeastern part of Indonesia on your travelling map, visiting Rote island can be a great start. For most of us, Rote might not be included in our thoughts for holiday, but in fact, this island hides a breathtaking paradise you should have witnessed years ago. Set your footprints on Rote’s […]

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The famous waves of Rote

The famous waves of Rote Far away from the crowded Indonesian beaches, the wonderful and untouched Rote Island offers the best surf spots with a wide range of world class waves, from the left-hand reef breaks to the rough rights. From March to November, you can enjoy South-Southwest swells, while the dry season has offshore, […]

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6 easy sustainable travel tips

plan rote

6 easy sustainable travel tips   Travel is one of the best things that is worth investing in. It is good for your mind and soul and clears away everyday problems and stress. However, people tend to forget about what holidays are for and act flippantly. Living and travelling sustainably sometimes seems hard, but we […]

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4 things to do in Rote Island you will love

4 things to do in Rote Island you will love Rote Island is one of the most beautiful places of Indonesia. It is the southernmost island of the country, located a few hours away from Bali. For this reason, this place could preserve its natural beauty, far from the crowded cities full of tourists. To […]

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Organic garden – helping the community

Organic garden – helping the community Our home, the island of Rote is still an untouched, clean place which is a hidden treasure of Indonesia, far from the crowded tourist spots. Therefore, there’s hardly any rubbish, the water is crystal clear and the soil still contains all the necessary nutrients which are crucial to grow […]

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5 Reasons Why To Visit Rote Island

Rote Island (aka Pulau Rote or Roti) is the southernmost island to Indonesia and the nearest one to Australia. We can truly say that Rote is a gem and worth to visit – especially as it is just a few hours away from Bali. So, start to pack your travel bag…we will tell you why […]

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