Our Top 3 Surf Spots on Rote Island

In search of the perfect wave, the perfect destination and consequently the perfect surf trip? Look no further than Rote Island. Southern Indonesia’s most hidden surf secret, where the dream wave does most definitely exist. The island boasts a number of EPIC surf spots including some where you really will be the only man or woman in the line up. World Class waves without a doubt. We have rounded up our TOP THREE fave surf breaks of which are only a handful of the some of the best here on Rote Island. Prevailing offshore winds and a consistent swell peeling onto the West Coast we recommend you pack your boards and your bags and head our way to Seed Resort.

Besialu Reef (or T-Land)

As one of the longest and most consistent waves in Indonesia, the island’s main wave Besialu Reef (or T-Land, named after Java’s G-Land) is reason enough to surf Rote. The long left-handed reef break works mostly with offshore winds in the main season and gives a good swell at all tides. The break has three sections, ‘The Peak’, ‘The Pyramid’and ‘The Mountain’. The sections vary in difficulty and are suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Boa is a beautiful village about 10-15min from Nemberala. You can get there by boat, car or motorbike. Here you’ll find an advanced right-hand wave with a perfect tube when it’s on. The best time to experience it is during the shoulder seasons when the winds blow onshore in Nemberala but offshore in Boa. Mid to the high tide’s the time to ride!

Contrary to its name Squealers is Rote’s beginner’s spot with mostly easy waves. It was called so due to the frequency of female screams catching their first waves. Squealers usually works at low tide, or during a big swell at high tide. It has a left and right-hand section.


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