5 Things you should do when visiting Rote

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If you haven’t pinned the southeastern part of Indonesia on your travelling map, visiting Rote island can be a great start. For most of us, Rote might not be included in our thoughts for holiday, but in fact, this island hides a breathtaking paradise you should have witnessed years ago.

  1. Set your footprints on Rote’s exotic beaches

 Once you get here, start with setting Rote’s exotic white-sand beaches with your footprints. Bo’a Fimuk, Bo’a Batu Pintu, Nemberala, Lutu Babatu, Oesosole are just several of many wonderful white-sand beaches that will instantly put you in awe. Not to mention, the beautiful sunset or sunrise moments you can witness every day. Also, if you prefer to find the dramatic side of Rote, you can go to beaches with gigantic in Termanu beach in central Rote. Well, we guess we need to remind you about preparing an extra internal memory just in case your device is out of memory.

  1. Get in touch with Rote’s famous beach waves

If you are not a surfer but quite challenged to touch the famous Rote’s beach waves, you can go to the southern side of Nemberala beach where you can find Rote’s surf schools for juniors and beginners. Be ready to fall in love with the ocean and gain unforgettable memory about surfing experience in Rote. We guarantee it won’t be less special even if you are a nervous beginner.

  1. Introduce yourself to locals 

Rotinese are as friendly as all Indonesians have been recognized by the world. As you might have heard, several prominent Indonesian figures were born in Rote such as the popular Rotinese hand-made music instrument, Sasando and the traditional hat, Ti’i Langga, with horn-like protrusion at the top which symbolizes Rote’s cultural identity. Not to mention, Rumah Musalaki, the amazing traditional wooden houses built in the level. These cultural treasures can be found around Boni island, about 15 kilometres from Nemberala. It is situated near the northern coast and is included as one of the last villages on Rote island where traditional religion is still followed.

Let your tour guide take you to Ndao village, the place where you can see the iconic local weaving, ikat are being produced. It is commonly used for furniture throws, table runners and bags with a variety of striking, traditional designs, featuring natural dyes and colours and yes, you may purchase them direct from the locals.

Set your visit schedule to this village on Thursday when they held a regular traditional market day. The village can be reached by hiring bicycle or motorbike. Feel the situation, the good energy shared by the locals, witnessing the good simple life they have been living in for centuries. This will surely be a different experience for you.

  1. Explore underwater, or island hopping by boat

Rote has some excellent snorkelling and diving spots that can be accessed straight off the beach or by boat, so island hopping is a great idea for you to discover more about this island. By snorkelling, you can see the beautiful coral gardens or rock reefs teem with a wide variety of fish and marine species.

  1. Go fishing and have the catch-of-the-day in the local culinary treasure

So if you choose to stay in Nemberala beach area, fishing can also be in your activity plan. It has become one of popular activities in Rote since the ocean is enriched by numerous species of fish. The most common species you’ll meet will be dog tooth tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Yellow-fin Tuna, Trevalli, Wahoo, Sailfish, Sea Pearch, Grouper and Marlin. If it’s your lucky day where big fish.

With daily water transportation service available from Kupang and Bali, Rote is easy to be explored. Not to mention the island is reachable in just 30 minutes by regular flights between Rote’s David Contantjin Saudale Airport to Kupang’s El Tari International Airport.

So, are you ready for Rote?





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