When Is The Best Time To Visit Rote Island

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With white sandy beaches and clear waters, Rote Island is certainly a paradise waiting to be discovered. It is completely untouched and would remind you of what Bali was to visitors some 30 years ago. And while getting to Rote may not be as simple, it is certainly worth it and brings no regrets to those who visit it.

So when exactly is the best time to visit Rote Island you ask? During the dry season and transitional or shoulder seasons of course! It will be the perfect time for you to explore the island and do some activities plus easier for you to travel throughout this weather:

  1. Dry Season: May to September
  2. Wet Season: December to March
  3. Transitional or Shoulder Seasons: March and April, October and November

One of the most famous activities to do when you’re on Rote Island is definitely surfing. Many advanced surfers visit the island especially during the dry season to catch the perfect waves. In fact, some have said that Nemberala has legendary waves which can rival the conditions in Hawaii!

But if you’re not a surfer, fret not, there are still plenty of things for you to do such as fishing! The dry and shoulder season is the perfect time for you to take out your fishing rods and summer hat as fish are plentiful for you to catch. And after all that hard work, you can easily set up a barbecue by the beach at night and relax with a beer.


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