4 things to do in Rote Island you will love

4 things to do in Rote Island you will love

Rote Island is one of the most beautiful places of Indonesia. It is the southernmost island of the country, located a few hours away from Bali. For this reason, this place could preserve its natural beauty, far from the crowded cities full of tourists. To spice up your holiday, we list you the best activities you should definitely do when in Rote Island.

  1.     Sunset at Tiang Bendera Beach

This wonderful beach is actually a cluster of coral islands of which its name means “Flagpole”. It refers to the heroic victory of Rote people who expelled the Dutch colonialists after building a 2,5 meters high concrete monument on the top of a coral rock in the middle of the sea. Tiang Bendera is mostly famous for the breathtaking sunset which is thought to be the ultimate must-have place for sunset hunters, not to mention the magnificent colours sunshine paints on the coral rocks during sunset.

  1.     Hiking to Mando’o Hill

Those who prefer active holidays, Mando’o Hill is an unmissable spot. Although good stamina is a huge benefit, the hike is totally worth the effort. Three hundred staircases lead up to the top from where you can admire the spectacular panoramic view to the green vegetations and the forests. You will experience to discover the landscape of the unforgettable nature of Rote Island.

  1.     Water activities at Nemberala Beach

Nemberala Beach is located in East Nusa Tenggara and is the favourite place of sea-lovers. According to this, several activities are available for those who want to juice up their holiday and make it an exhilarating adventure of their life. One of the most popular possibilities is snorkelling which drives you to enjoy the magically beautiful marine life of Rote. You can find numerous species of the most special creatures of nature, among others, colourful live corals, pelagic and coral reef fish or live shells. In addition, you can also try surfing, fishing or just swim in the ocean.

  1.     Sharing love at Oesosole Beach

Believed a hidden paradise of Rote Island, Oesosole Beach is a must-have place to visit for couples, newlyweds or even families. The beach not only has crystal clear, gorgeous blue water, but also has a unique heart-shaped coral rock which was created by nature and is thought to be the symbol of love. It is far away from the crowd hence the best way to enjoy this location is to bring some food and drink with yourself and take pleasure in the view in the company of your loved one(s).

Even though these places are still unknown for even a lot of Indonesian people, it is a big advantage at the same time. Thanks to the location of the island, the busy tourist destinations are far away from here. All in all, it is absolutely worth visiting and enjoying the isolation and the clean environment.


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