WATCH: Andien Aisyah Shares her Adventures on Rote Island

While most of our guests enjoy leaving reviews on our TripAdvisor page and via our Instagram or Facebook, others are a lot more creative and prefer to share their experience through videos! And since we were lucky enough to have one of Indonesia’s most talented singer Andien Aisyah to stay at Seed Resort with her husband Ippe and adorable son Kawa, we couldn’t help but share the 3-part video she posted on her Youtube channel showcasing things you can do on the island. Check out her videos to get an idea of what to expect when you visit Rote Island!

Part 1: Getting to Rote

As an introduction to her trip, Andien shares how long it takes to get to Rote Island before arriving at Seed Resort. Showcasing the aeroplane she took and how she was greeted at the airport, Andien couldn’t help but express her achievement of arriving to the most southern part of Indonesia. As the transit from Kupang to her 6 hours, she decides to take it easy and chooses to relax in our resort and as her next day starts early as she takes us on her Rote adventure!

Part 2: Getting to know the Rote Culture

Exploring the island further, Andien and crew decide to check out the typical work and culture of the people of Rote Island – including the production of palm sugar and even how the handwoven Ti’i Langga hat is made! She manages to take a quick stroll by Bo’a beach and after a long day of exploring, she highlights that the best way to cool off is to have a dip in our pool and enjoy the beautiful sunset before having a lovely seafood dinner prepared by our kitchen!

Part 3: Hiking for an Amazing Sunset by the Sea

If you’re up for a snorkling adventure, follow Andien in this video as she hops on a boat to Pulau Do’o to a private beach with virtually no one on sight. After spending the morning exploring the sea life, she takes us on a short stop to check out the traditional Sasando instrument and how it is made before a hiking up to the uniquely landscaped Batu Termanu at sunset to gaze into the horizon and bask in the phenomenal view.

Special thanks to Andien Aisyah and her crew from Indonesia Kaya for making the videos and staying with us. For more info on her music and updates, follow her on Instagram! Made a Youtube Video of your visit to Rote and Seed Resort? Don’t forget to share it with us on our Facebook page!

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