The famous waves of Rote

The famous waves of Rote

Far away from the crowded Indonesian beaches, the wonderful and untouched Rote Island offers the best surf spots with a wide range of world class waves, from the left-hand reef breaks to the rough rights. From March to November, you can enjoy South-Southwest swells, while the dry season has offshore, East-Southeast trade winds. The locals of Rote are all friendly and are happy to see visitors riding their waves. Besides, you’ll find only a few surfers in the water. Surf’s up!

  1.      T-Land (“Besialu”)

The T-Land is the main wave of Rote and also one of the longest left and best quality waves of Indonesia. It has three sections, The Peak, The Pyramid and The Mountain for different levels of surfers. It ensures offshore wind during the dry season and breaks at all tides. Often compared to the G-Land of Java, it’s a more accessible and friendlier version with multiple take off zones and challenging bowl sections. Adrenaline is guaranteed, and most of the time you can enjoy an offshore breeze.

  1.      Do’o

Do’o can be found on the island of Do’a 10 km away from the shore of Nemberala. It can be accessed only by a 45-minute boat trip from Anugerah but it’s absolutely worth visiting. It is an uninhabited island with a hollow right-hand wave, which breaks at mid-tide and breaks off the end of a shallow coral reef. It’s especially for advanced and pro surfers, the best is to surf it with light winds or when it’s onshore at Nemberala.

  1.      Squealers

A perfect wave for beginners, first ridden in 1978. It is located at the eastern end of Nemberala beach and breaks off on a limestone reef 100 m away from the shore. It’s been named after the squealing of kids and little girls enjoying the playful right and left waves. It can actually be perfect for intermediates also when the swells are big.

  1.      Sukanamon (Sucky Mama’s)

Often called “Suckys”, this wave can be found in the North of Nemberala and can be reached in 10 minutes by boat. It’s a really short, powerful and hollow right wave and generally has the same swell conditions as T-Land. Strong winds affect it more than the other waves on the island and on a higher tide it gets steeper so it’s mostly safe for advanced surfers only.

  1.      Boa

Boa is a challenging spot 15 minute away from Nemberala by boat. In perfect circumstances it’s a world class spot – it starts with a steep hollow and then opens up to a very long, very fast wall. It’s super heavy at low tide, the mid and high-tide are the best conditions to ride it.

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