Organic garden – helping the community

Organic garden – helping the community

Our home, the island of Rote is still an untouched, clean place which is a hidden treasure of Indonesia, far from the crowded tourist spots. Therefore, there’s hardly any rubbish, the water is crystal clear and the soil still contains all the necessary nutrients which are crucial to grow organic food. We take the responsibility of saving our Mother Nature and would like to retain these circumstances in the long run. According to this, we developed a method which not only protects the environment but also supports the local community and ensures our guests organic, home-grown vegetables and fruits.

  1.     Seed Farming Program

September is about the implementation of the Organic Farming Program. Our mission is to create a long term, sustainable Community Self-reliance by applying and improving the local knowledge of ancient cultivation techniques specific to dried and rocky land areas. We plan to implement an organic system which is free of chemical fertilizers and helps evolving the local economy, at the same time promoting the sustainable agriculture for the rest of the community. The project was launched on September 1, 2018 at Sideoenk Village covering a community land of 5000 m2.

  1.     Seed Hospitality

The aim of the Hospitality Program is to provide information, education and trainings about tourist development for the community. It works as a connection between the local youth, the community members and other partners to cooperate and create the new world of sustainable hospitality program together. It offers free education to help youngsters and the members get closer to tourism and learn English three times a week. It comes into force from October taking place at Seed Farm House with tutors recruited from our Seed Resort management team.

  1.     Community Entrepreneur

Within the framework of the Seed Development Program we are eager to encourage as many locals and farmers as possible to take part in the Seed-based Community Entrepreneur Program. There are two sectors we differentiated:

  1. a)     Green Supplier (community cooperative)

It is about providing farmer cooperative stores with access to direct green product supplying businesses for the community and hotels in Nemberala area to be able to purchase green products.

  1. b)    Handicraft and natural products

Rote Island is blessed with the eternal source of natural raw materials, for instance seashells, coconuts and palm trees. Under the Seed Development Program, we organize trainings to involve locals into craftsmanship:

–       Jewellery making – beading necklaces and bracelets made of seashells

–       Basket and box weaving from seashells and lontar leaf

–       Production and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lontar Syrup

–       IKAT weaving

Fundraising Program

At Seed Resort, we implement the possibility of a sponsorship to our concept with which we can grant a certain amount of percentage for the Seed Development Program from the inhouse guests. It is a Charity Dinner what includes a romantic experience located on the beach, decorated with torches and spot lightning, spiced up with Sasando and local dance. A Beach Barbeque Night called Fish & Fire, containing a Seafood Basket preceded by an appetizer and completed with dessert.


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