6 easy sustainable travel tips

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6 easy sustainable travel tips


Travel is one of the best things that is worth investing in. It is good for your mind and soul and clears away everyday problems and stress. However, people tend to forget about what holidays are for and act flippantly. Living and travelling sustainably sometimes seems hard, but we share some tips with you that will make it easier than you think.

Plan ahead

First and foremost, seek to plan your whole trip before booking and make some research about the eco-friendly accommodations and activities. It is always important to think about the human impact on the environment, the culture and wildlife. Choose a resort that has an organic program, a bike tour instead of one by bus, or take a cooking class where you can learn more about local culture.

Pack less

The less you pack, the less impact you have on the environment. How is that possible? When your luggage weighs less, the plane will also weigh less which decreases the carbon emission of it. Besides, it is a great way to avoid additional baggage fees and it is also easier to use the local public transport with less bags.

Choose plastic free solutions

Make sure to bring your own products to avoid getting unnecessary plastics. For instance, using your refillable water bottle, reusable straws, cotton shopping bags, or water-resistant purses for wet bikinis are all great ways not only to protect the local environment but also save you a lot of money.

Food and drink

There is no holiday without great and unforgettable meals. Of course, you should enjoy them but we suggest you to choose green local restaurants nearby who somehow takes responsibility for protecting the environment. In this way, you can enjoy the highest quality vegan, vegetarian, organic and zero-waste food which is way much better for your health as well.


When looking for souvenirs, there are two questions you should take into consideration: is it actually useful and under what conditions was it produced? In many tourist regions, streets are crowded with tons of booths selling the same products which are usually made in China just because that’s cheaper. Try to find real local artisans and instead of ridiculous objects, gift some local specialty spices, wine or food, some empty shells you collect on the beach or photos taken by yourself.

Ask questions and take responsibility

Even if you have planned your trip from the beginning to the end, the best way to make a review is to ask locals to suggest the best places and restaurants in the neighborhood. This way you can find the most hidden treasures of the area and by talking to locals, shopping regional products and booking tours with native suppliers you can give locals something back so they can benefit from your stay.

Sustainable travel is a way we need to apply in the future. As population grows extremely fast, more and more people travel and it is crucial to find a solution to prevent the total collapse of the environment. Try these tips the next time you travel and you’ll see how easy and good consciousness is.



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