5 Reasons Why To Visit Rote Island

Rote Island (aka Pulau Rote or Roti) is the southernmost island to Indonesia and the nearest one to Australia. We can truly say that Rote is a gem and worth to visit – especially as it is just a few hours away from Bali.

So, start to pack your travel bag…we will tell you why you should visit this unique island:

1. It is Exotically Beautiful

Breathtaking hills and valleys, white sandy beaches and spectacular caverns are waiting for you here. And if you decide to dive into the water, a rich marine life will welcome you. Terraced plantations, acacia palms, and forest are also worth a visit while you’re here.

2. Hidden From Tourist Masses

As being somewhat further from the main touristic locations, Rote island has preserved its peaceful, calm, romantic atmosphere. The coastline remains inviting, without any mass tourism well known from other islands.

Fun fact: sometimes you can even see more pigs on the beach than people. Yes, you have read it just right: typical to Rote, farm animals tend to roam wild there. Their owners label them and then let them run freely. So don’t be surprised if unexpectedly a friendly piglet shows up while you are sunbathing.

3. Exotic Trading Goods

When it comes to the basic and most important income of Rotinese people, lontar palm must be mentioned. A supplement to their income are first of all fishing and jewelry making.

4. Amazing Sunsets

If you’re planning on to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life, you will find it here. Whether you wish to stretch out on the beach and indulge in the colours of the setting sun or you rather opt to follow it from a hilltop, you decide – in Rote, you will find both. Just don’t forget to take your camera or mobile phone with you – so you can perpetuate the moment…and show your friends what they have missed.

5. Surfer’s Paradise

This is the island what you’ve been looking if you are a surfer at heart. Here you will see inviting waves that don’t disappoint. Annual surf trials are held here – a treat for competitive surfers! They flock to Namberala to ride the perfect waves formed by the winds and shallow reefs.

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